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Home     NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable Price Per/Meter
NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable Price Per/Meter

NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable  Price Per/Meter

NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable Price Per/Meter

Price per meter

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NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable

ViaBlue™ NF-B6 AIR Subwoofer Cable is a special analogue audio cable for use with subwoofers. It is made up of 12 individual signal conductors as well as a 6x screening and 23 air pipes with a total conductor cross section of 15 mm² and total diameter of 16 mm.
The 12 signal conductors each consisting of 19 bare copper wires with selected, high-purity chemical and 99.99999% oxygen free copper, which are designed specifically for low frequencies and provide a very powerful bass reproduction.

The unique structure of the NF-B6 AIR subwoofer cable is a specially developed by ViaBlue™ air pipe an airspace system that in the centre the individual conductors have been arranged in a circle. Due to the even distances between all individual conductors the disturbances that occur by signal transfer can be significantly reduced enabling a completed real and genuine sound. From this, a capacity with an extremely low value of 93 pF/m is achieved, which is a prerequisite for the complete and rapid signal transmission and avoids the intermediate storage of charge in the cable itself.

A six-fold shielding consisting of three laminated, gold foil shields and 3 conflicting strand coil shields, with a shielding factor of 100%, keeps away disturbances such as DECT or mobile phone, microwave, and humming sounds.

A soft banding and a flexible and satin mat sheath protect the entire cable system.

The NF-B6 subwoofer cable can be used for both unbalanced (e.g. RCA connections) and balanced (e.g. XLR connections).

The receiver shows a touchingly natural, accurate and realistic bass reproduction, as the NF-B6 subwoofer cable offers an overwhelmingly powerful sound, even over long distances. Rhythmic accents are played to the point of precision and with great presence. The bass is dynamically mapped with extreme airiness.

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